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The mission of the Titans Street Hockey Club is to give boys and girls their first hockey experience. We believe that hockey at the grass roots level should be fun based on participation by all, should promote safety, fair play, sportsmanship and provide basic street hockey skills for all participants. Our program will teach students basic hockey skills in a fun, safe & positive environment for all participants that is not over complicated with too many drills & practices. The most important thing of all is to let the children enjoy the game and have fun!!

The Titans Street Hockey Club is a program designed to promote the game of hockey and physical fitness. Street Hockey can contribute to the development of student health, physical fitness, motor skills, knowledge & understanding of movement concepts, sportsmanship and other beneficial social skills inherent in team sports.

Street hockey is an active sport that is played using a hockey stick fitted with a plastic blade, a plastic street hockey ball, and athletic shoes. Our street hockey curriculum teaches the fundamental skills of street hockey and explains the basic rules of the game. From day 1, students will learn about the importance of safety and respect for others in their class environment.  The first weeks of the program will be a camp style work  were students will engage in basic passing, shooting, running and defensive skills using fun and competitive drills which lead up to mini-games  and full games through the course of the curriculum. This camp will prepare all students for the Titans Street Hockey League where we will divide all players into a number of teams evenly matched as possible. The remaining weeks will have teams playing games against each other, there will be a regular season of play consisting of approximately 6 games followed by a 1 round play-off and a finals round were all teams will participate.

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