Kindergarten in Chandler

Kindergarten at Legacy Traditional Chandler

Our Tuition-FREE Full-Day Kindergarten in Chandler empowers young learners to be ready for school and set them up for success in life.  Our traditional, not ordinary, curriculum will help your child discover and develop an interest in learning while having fun. We focus on the academic essentials so your child feels empowered in learning.

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Why Choose Kindergarten at Legacy?

Our teachers focus on activities that will help your child develop in areas of language, math, reading readiness, and creativity. We also provide parents with a welcome guide that contains materials and information to reinforce what kindergarteners learn in school and enhance their learning skills.

The Legacy Team prepares your child to meet and exceed the state and local education requirements for first grade. We feel the most important academic skills for your child entering Kindergarten are:

English Language Arts

Our language arts program is based on the Spalding Method using The Writing Road to Reading (2012). As a total language arts program, Spalding integrates direct instruction in listening, speaking, spelling, writing, and reading. The Spalding mission is to develop skilled readers, critical listeners, accomplished speakers, spellers, writers, and lifelong learners. The following are crucial components of the Language Arts program:

  • Composition
  • Oral Communication
  • Reading/Literature
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary


As an accelerated school, Legacy teaches Saxon Mathematics one full grade level above the student’s actual grade (e.g., a kindergarten student is taught using a 1st-grade curriculum). This program focuses on a spiral curriculum with continuous reinforcement by the inclusion of mastery and practical applications of basic mathematical practices. Students will understand that mathematical problems have absolute answers and that precision, accuracy, and fluency are required.